Sophos – Anti-virus and security for businesses

Sophos is one of the options we use for small businesses with a server. Sophos uses a centralized management console that allows even a novice to manage the security throughout a business. It gives alerts and notifications about any issues that it thinks you currently have on your network. This frees up time so that you can quickly look to ensure there are no issues, instead of waiting for users to tell you or check each PC.

Endpoint Protection

This includes anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall. You also get device and application control.

Email Security

Email protection for your business. It checks every incoming and outgoing email for virus, spam and profanity.

Web control

Stop not only web threats but also stop users getting to sites you don’t want them too.

Unified Threat Management

A firewall device that checks for web threats and attackers at the edge of your network.

Data control

Control how your data is taken out of the office and stop viruses and employees taking data.


File or disk encryption allows you to stop your files being taken

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