As the boundaries of a business’s IT infrastructure become less visible it is important to ensure that your computer and servers are protected. Being using an anti-virus solution you are helping to protect yourself from computer viruses which can cause loss of time and data, both causing frustration and issues.

We are currently offering two computer security products; the first is Sophos and the second Avast. These both do a good job of protecting you however do it differently.

Why Avast?

Up until recently Avast was only an anti-virus only solution however they have now produced a complete computer security package, which includes everything you need to protect yourself. We have found that with some security products they will say a computer is clean but when you run Avast if has found a virus. We generally recommend this product for small businesses without a server.

For more information about Avast take a look at our Avast page

Why Sophos?

When you grow to having a server you will be of a size that means maintaining and being alerted of an infection can be hard as it can mean walking to each machine to ensure it’s up to date with no issues. With Sophos you can check at one central location and know all the information about your networks security.

Sophos also has a spam filter that works directly with exchange on the server. This ensures that the only emails that are getting to the desktop are relevant saving time. It also means that the computers do not have to do unnecessary work freeing resources for other applications.

For more information about Sophos and its product range take a look at our Sophos page

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